Many of my friends are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or have small children and it has been making me think long and hard about when I was pregnant and how life was a huge risk assessment. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being pregnant, but there were so many considerations and to be honest it hasn’t stopped now the children are growing up.


Gone are the days of sitting around and spending time doing nothing, reading a book all day long on your weekend or doing the housework when “you” want to. When I found out I was pregnant with Noah lots changed and I purchased different things from shops to use around the house, simple things like the vaccum. I purchased an upright vaccum so that I didn’t have to bend down to do the cleaning and I haven’t changed back. I just bought my new VAX upright vaccum too and it has changed my life, well not so much, but if you are pregnant and/or have small children I would definitely recommend it.


It is not just about what you can do around the house though to make life easier and better whilst pregnant, and of course when the little ones are born; looking after what is inside is extremely important. Eating the right things, taking vitamins and being careful with how much you eat and drink is something that plays on every pregnant womans mind and the Dad-to-be’s too for that matter. I remember changing tea bags for green tea and towards the end Raspberry tea, not eating as many egg dishes, taking folic acid for the first three months of pregnancy (like clockwork) because I was so worried about the little bean growing inside of me. For more tips on pregnancy you can visit Friso’s pregnancy journey & baby nutrition pages, there is some really useful information on what mums can take during pregnancy, it is a huge hit in the middle east right now.


One of the articles that interested me on the Friso website was about breast feeding tips, I am so glad that breast feeding is no longer a taboo. I was sitting at dance on Saturday morning when a lady sat next to me feeding her baby. The sounds of the baby and the “hmm” newborn baby feeding noise they make made me feel incredibly broody. I loved those moments with Isla when she was having her milk. I miss my bumps so very much and the newborn baby months, I cannot believe how quickly it goes. Make the most of it, especially the first time around!


*All images are my own, taken by my husband.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018