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As part of Isla Rae’s birthday present from Daddy, and a little treat for Mummy too – we were shown a beautiful video that Daddy had made of Isla Rae’s first year. It was amazing and after the christening yesterday, he gathered all the family and friends around the big screen and pressed play. We were all captivated, for the whole 20 minute video.

You can see the video online here. I have no words to describe how lovely this was, not only had Daddy gone to such effort to make the DVD but the extra effort of showing everyone together and all the family loved it. There were a few tears throughout the performance and by the end of it I was crying! Such a great way to savour memories of her first year.


Isla was thoroughly spoilt for her birthday and christening, we were completely overwhelmed by the generous gifts and cards from family and friends – we are very lucky to have lots of special people in our lives.


Daddy didn’t realise but I made a little video too, to celebrate Isla Rae’s first year and here is my little attempt (not half as good as Daddy Constant’s though)

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Last Update: Monday, 13th May 2013