I’ve recently been asked to review Bathtub Admirals “My First Twelve Months” baby book: http://www.bathtubadmiral.co.uk/

The book that I had to review was 200mm x 200mm, with 44 pages, you get a choice of 3 covers from the options. Once you register on the Bathtub Admiral website, you choose a project name and you then get taken to the Project window. Here you can edit your book page by page, choose different templates, photos, clipart, backgrounds and borders. It is very easy to use and you can upload as many photos as you like. You do not need to stick to the templates that are provided, you can make your own up by adding in text boxes and photos.

It took me a few days to get the book how I wanted it, I went through every page thoroughly and made all the backgrounds, images and text match up and line up. You could do this a lot quicker or take more time over it, its completely down to you how you want to pursue it!

When the book arrived we loved it, we were so happy with it, that we ordered another one for Nanny & Grandad. It came in a perfect little protective box and was shipped out very quickly. I was really impressed with Bathtub Admiral for their customer service and the quality of the product, would definitely recommend them to my friends.

If you want to explore the other products available from Bathtub Admiral, go to http://www.bathtubadmiral.co.uk/

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Last Update: Friday, 6th January 2012