My birthday is next year (how depressing) and I have a rather long wait, but the lovely Tales of a family of 7 tagged me to take part in a linky set up by The Five F’s, where we all discover facts about the day we were born.

When is your birthday?

7th January 1983

Pick three people who share your birthday and what you know about them?

-My husbands cousin, Dean Johnson! He has just got married and about to become a daddy with his lovely wife, Becki.

Is anyone listed as being born on the same day (ie same year)? If so, what do you know about them?

– Liesbeth Mouha, Belgian beach volleyball player
– Natalie Gulbis, American golfer
– Robert Ri’chard, American TV/Movie actor

I have no idea who any of these people are 🙁

List three people who died on your birthday and what you know about them

– August Cool, Belgian trade union leader, dies at 79
– Fred Rosell Church, American actor, dies at 93

I have no idea who these people are!

List three notable events that took place on your birthday

There doesn’t appear to be any! 🙁 my birthday has to be eventful, surely!

Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday

There are none, I suppose Chinese new year will fall on it periodically. Hmmm!!

I appear to have a boring birth date. I do know Lewis Hamilton shares the 7th Jan as his birthday but I think I’m 2 years older 🙁

I tag the following to give us their birthday rundown:


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