Did you know that our typical toilets can be among the cleaner items in our bathroom? As surprising as it sounds, a 2011 NSF International study outlined you’re your toothbrush holder contains an alarmingly higher amount of germs, mould, and bacteria compared to your toilet seat or even toilet handle. It is therefore essential to ensure you know how to clean a toilet properly.

Ideally, the best way of ensuring that our toilets remain clean is by cleaning them thoroughly and correctly. Although you may wipe down or clean your toilet regularly, there are specific tips you should consider to ensure that you clean your toilet correctly to eradicate viruses and germs and leave your bathroom ‘spotless’ clean. How can you do this?

Well, here are several valuable tips on how to clean your toilet correctly.

How do you clean a toilet?

While you might wipe down or clean your toilet regularly, the proper way to eradicate viruses and germs is by disinfecting it.

Note:  It is worth noting that disinfectants only completely neutralize viruses or germs if the toilet surface has been pre-cleaned. This means that you must pass over the toilet once promptly with a disinfectant before applying another disinfecting spray layer.

You have to clean any fluids, like urine, before applying your disinfectant for the best results.

Before you start on your toilet cleaning mission, you will first need to ensure you have all the necessary tools for this job.

Most health experts recommend that you dedicate appropriate cleaning tools (separate from regular household items) whose purpose is solely to clean your toilet. Below is a list of the essential toilet cleaning tools you should have before you start the toilet cleaning process

Toilet Cleaning Supplies

Undoubtedly, you will, of course, need tools to clean your toilet. Typically, not only should your toilet bowl and water tank be clean, but also should its surrounding. The following tools are required:

  • Cleaning detergents ( powder or liquid)
  • Scrubbing broom and brush
  • Gloves(waterproof)
  • Tissue paper
  • Toilet fragrances
  • Sanitizers

With this equipment, you will have the exceptional opportunity to occupy a relatively clean toilet.

Step-by-step guide on how to correctly clean your toilet:

These are various steps you can follow to ensure you thoroughly clean your bathroom and leave it spotless clean!

  1. Start by ensuring you have all the necessary apparatus and clear the toilet bowl and tank surroundings.

Note: It is essential to wear gloves and flush your toilet before commencing the cleaning process. Just in case you forgot.

  1. Pour your preferred detergent into the bowl, especially under the rim of the bowl. When cleaning your toilet, you must always begin with your toilet bowl first. To get the best result, you can use disinfecting products to disinfect and clean germs in your toilet bowl. It would be best if you started by coating the whole toilet bowl beginning with underneath your toilet bowl rim.
  2. As the solution works its magic down the toilet grime, clean the outer surface with spray disinfectant. This includes the handles and toilet tank. The toilet lid follows. Conclude with the bowl’s exterior.
  3. You MUST also ensure that you clean the toilet seats too. Yes, the part which you place or point your butt. Spray your toilet seat with your disinfectant of choice, and using a scrubber, scrub thoroughly.

Note: Never forget to clean the lid and hinges. The detergent you initially poured into the toilet bowl will have done away with any germs and stains by this time.

  1. Using a brush, scrub the bowl’s interior and then flush.
  2. Tidy up! Finally, be sure to clean and wipe any drips of water or the cleanser that might have spilled using a dry cloth. Also, while at it, finish it by putting the trash and toilet cleaning tools away, and replace any items/components you may have removed around or on the toilet.

Note: Don’t forget to scent your toilet with your preferred toilet air spray. There is nothing better than having a fresh small toilet; it’s a quick task to clean a toilet and makes such a difference to the room. Check out my other Cleaning Hacks for more helpful tips.