Millets are helping us dog owners this Winter with a fabulous take the lead campaign on their website. They have everything from waterproof jackets for the owners, to leads for walking your little pooches. We celebrated by taking our doggies out for a nice Autumn walk and preparing for the cold Winter months. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or roasting hot the little pooches want to go out for a walk. If they haven’t gone out by the time it’s dark, our Jack Russell will follow us around the house. It’s amazing how set into a routine they are. They are very clever. He will be able to tell when it’s time for Daddy to come home too and he sits and waits in the lounge window. 

When they need a walk you have to be prepared. At the weekends we try to get out as a family, I enjoy seeing the children walking the doggies. It’s very cute to see them running care free. I did worry what their relationships would be like when I was pregnant with Noah. They loved each other from day 1. 

Our waterproof jackets 

Millets sent us some fabulous dog walking rain proof jackets for Autumn. They are perfect for walking the dogs. They will be great grab and go waterproofs for Winter too, on top of a nice fluffy jumper. They bag up in handy drawstring bags, which means they can be carried easily and stored neatly in the car or porch too. 

The kiddies jackets are both by Peter Storm. Noah is wearing the camo packable jacket in black. It’s waterproof, has a comfortable hood and is tight around his wrists. Isla is wearing the spotty packable jacket. It is waterproof and storm proof too, which is perfect to keep the strong winds at bay. It’s perfect with a nice warm jumper on underneath. 

Hubby and I also have Peter Storm jackets. They are really good and I love the fact we all match. Hubby’s is slightly different to ours as it is a special 2 layer downpour jacket in khaki. It’s perfect for the showers in Autumn so theres no reason to not walk the doggies. My jacket is the stripy packable jacket and it is the same as the kiddies. It’s really light and waterproof. It’s perfect for walking the dogs and the school run too. I can keep it handy in the car so when it rains I can get it on quickly. 

The dogs Winter coats 

We were lucky enough to get a goody bag from Millets too which included some fabulous products from Pets Pyjamas, Natures Menu and The Crazy Light Company. The dogs look so cute in their new luxury jackets. They are thick and really warm, perfect for the colder days that are coming. It has fur around the collars for extra warmth, it’s almost like a scarf. Not only are they fabulous and warm, they light up. So you can still get out in the evenings, it’s getting dark around 3:30pm at the moment and these jackets are perfect. They seemed really happy with them too.  

They enjoyed their walk, they felt really warm when we got home. They thoroughly enjoyed their beef treats from Natures menu too. They posed for photos and Rambo even sat down on the dirty floor. That’s saying something! 

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Last Update: Monday, 27th November 2017