Although we are now technically out of lockdown, the tier system is in full swing and there is still a lot of chatter about another lockdown at the beginning of 2021. With that in mind, I thought I would pull together some simple ideas to encourage everyone to get outdoors and make the most of family adventures. It doesn’t have to be a thoroughly organised affair, a quick dash out to get some well-earned fresh air. 

There are huge health benefits to getting out in the fresh air and we should all avoid letting the weather dictate our plans. I am a champion for mindfulness and I really think that getting out with the family is good for everyone. Recently we went to Devon for our half term break, it was a well needed break after homeschooling and lockdown throughout Spring/Summer. 

We loved Devon so much, but the weather was not on our side. It rained every day, although we did find some lucky breaks in the weather. Despite this we got out. Yes, the kids complain, and they barter to stay inside by the log fire, but once we were out it was bliss. 

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Here are some tips for getting out on those family adventures:

Start with small family adventures

Leave the house and just go for a walk and explore from your doorstep. That might be across muddy fields or through Christmas themed town centres. Depending on where you live of course this will be a very different walk, for different people. We often go for a walk from our doorstep, we wander across 2 roads and then we are out in the countryside. We have fields and hills, woodland and plenty of nature to entertain us along the way. We live on the edge of a town, so I feel lucky that we have a quick escape route into beautiful locations. 

The right attire 

We all know the English weather can be extreme, from day to day and within the same day. In Devon quite often it started off raining, had beautifully sunny breaks and ended up raining. You can never be guaranteed a clear day in Winter. Making sure you have the family set up for those great outdoor adventures is essential. We have a kit list depending on what the weather is like – mild or freezing. However, regardless of the temperature we are always prepared for rain. 

walking boots family adventures

We make sure we have the right outdoor jacket on, thin for mild days and cushioned for Wintery days. We have thick and comfortable socks. We have waterproof walking boots and splish sploshing wellies for the extra rainy days. The walking boots came in very handy on our trip to Devon. We used them every day and the kiddies said they were extremely comfortable. Their walking boots are from Regatta. 


Play games en route 

I love playing games with them, it teases them out of whatever grudge they have at the time. We quite often play eye spy, or the car colour game, or spot the animal etc. For anyone that is wondering, the car colour game is quite simply; everyone chooses a colour, and you keep a tally of that colour car. Whoever sees the most cars, wins. It keeps the children entertained en route, that is until we get into the countryside and then we swap to spotting birds or cows.

Sneaky snack! 

Anyone with young children will know that getting out is tough enough, but after 5 minutes the children will most definitely ask for snacks. So, pack a backpack with drinks bottles and plenty of snacks. That way, there are no excuses and no interruptions to the walk. They also get a little fuel, which isn’t a bad thing. 


We have been walking and going on family adventures with the children since they were babies. They are quite used to getting out and about. If you are just starting to introduce exploring the outdoors more with them start small and gradually work up to those big hikes. When we went walking in the Peak District in the Summer I was completely gobsmacked that Noah climbed to the top of the highest peak. These kiddies will surprise you.

I would love to know fun places you have explored during lockdown, let me know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

Regatta hat

#Gifted – We were gifted Regatta jackets, walking boots, socks and hats in exchange for our honest review.

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  • Jazz Tattersall
    Friday, December 11, 2020

    Gonna need this advice in the new year I think

  • Caroline J Robinson
    Tuesday, January 12, 2021

    A great read

  • Chloe
    Thursday, April 29, 2021

    Lovely photos! Great advice on this blog, it’s so important to get out even when the weather is cold & miserable

  • Jenny Embleton
    Monday, September 13, 2021

    I love these ideas. We have spent so much more time exploring the great outdoors since the first lockdown.

  • Karen Richards
    Monday, October 18, 2021

    Really have to push myself to get out more if it is raining or the weather isn’t that nice. Know I always feel better after a walk. Some great advice.

  • sarah morris
    Tuesday, October 19, 2021

    You can’t beat going out for nice walks, we live in Pembrokeshire so have the beautiful coast

  • sarah morris
    Sunday, October 31, 2021

    We live in Pembrokeshire so are dojng exactly the same thing