Yes the Olympics has recently started and lots of people are cheering on their favourite sports people everywhere you turn. It’s a nice theme to encourage children to have fun, swimming lessons like the swimmers in Rio. Or making up a baton so the children can do a relay race at the park. But there are also things that you can get the children doing that they can do from home, like Brain Olympics! Now doesn’t that sound fun?

Summer Camp at EdPlace is simply based around The Olympics this week. EdPlace uses different themes each week and different activites too. Maths games, also English quizzes and Science experiments. This weeks Summer Camp theme is Brain Olympics, which sounds just up my street. It’s been fun doing this with Noah and also doing it for myself too. Even Isla had a go! You can see the themes that have been and the themes coming up on the EdPlace website:

The great thing about EdPlace is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. If you are lucky enough to be in Rio watching the Olympics you could log in and have a little Brain Olympics whilst eating breakfast. EdPlace is an online tutorial service designed to help parents support their children in their education in Maths, English & Science. (1000s of interactive tutorials created by qualified teachers).

So, can you beat someone else in the Maths games? Maths is really important, you use it everyday and I want my children to freely and quickly be able to do sums. The Maths teacher on EdPlace recommends doing fun sporty activities outdoors to practice Maths. The tips listed by the Maths teacher can be found in week 3, under the titles: Happy sporty maths and be sporty & challenge your family and friends. 



The content starts at Year 1, so this is perfect for Noah as he goes up to Year 1 in September. Noah loved The Big Puppy Canoe Race, which was all about addition. Noah is brilliant at adding up and practice makes perfect. Little Isla uses her fingers to add and take away, it’s very cute to watch.

Next week it is all about English, My Summer Adventure. Good luck.

What is EdPlace Online Summer Camp?
  • It’s a FREE 6-week online activity package designed to keep children engaged and entertained over the holiday
  • Activities are broken into 3 categories: Maths, English and Science, including reading challenge, adventures in the garden, science experiment videos, online maths games and other adventures
  • Activities will be published every week on the website
  • Kids can earn certificates at the end of the campaign
  • Timing: 25th July – 29th Aug.
You can get all of that for free, you just need to enter your email address and away you go. You can also sign up to EdPlace and using this special code, recieve a 15% discount (SUMMERCAMP15):

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Last Update: Thursday, 11th August 2016