I recently discover Majique Jewellery and have been sent a fabulous collection of silver jewels to show off and I wanted to do it one by one as they are such beautiful items they deserve a little attention. At such fantastic and affordable prices too they are really great for everyday wear and all budgets.


This bracelet is lightweight, has beautiful detailing in all of the silver cog type pieces that join together with the pretty silver ball in the middle. It is one of those bracelets that has elastic through the middle so it slips over your hand on to your arm and stays there all day which is great! At £12.00 it is a complete steal and because it has been so popular the silver has since sold out, but you can grab it in gold which looks equally stunning: gold Majique Jewellery bracelet.

You can find more Majique Jewellery on the Oceanic Jewellers website: www.oceanicjewellers.com. You can follow them on social media too: Facebook, Twitter @majiquelondon, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Last Update: Monday, 18th May 2015