Miniscoff: organic food for children

We were just getting to the point where we were struggling for ideas on what to cook Noah for lunch and dinner, he can be quite fussy, so finding something he likes is quit troublesome.

I came across a fabulous company called Miniscoff who have created frozen ready meals for children, something I haven’t seen in my local supermarkets before… They are organic meals, perfectly sized and they have cool names that the children can have fun with: like Brocolli Bill’s Pie.

Noah was lucky enough to try out 6 fabulous meals, they came perfectly packaged in a freezer box with frozen packs within to keep the meals ice cold and ready to put straight into the freezer and ready for dinner time!

Noah’s favourite has been the Chilli Yum Yum which he ate all up, without any fuss and he even ate some of it on his own! Noah is very fussy, he struggles with food and dinner times (throwing food around and not finishing meals) but that all changed with the Miniscoff meals, especially the Chilli Yum Yum.

Being a nosey mummy and also concerned about what my son is eating, I did have to try all of the meals before Noah did and I have to say that they are all gorgeous. So tasty and full of great ingredients that are either organically grown or produced, like the mince, rice, kidney beans and vegetables. So I know that Noah is not only getting a tasty meal, but a healthy and organic meal too.

I am sure I do not need to stress too much how having food that is convenient in the house, not only to prepare, but to serve up to Noah is essential. It is! Especially now we are a family of 4 and little baby Isla is also quite demanding for her food at certain times during the day, usually when Its time to feed Noah. When Noah is ready for dinner time he gets rather impatient, so being able to grab a frozen ready meal and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes is perfect.

You can currently buy these fabulous meals at Ocado,

You can see the other meals and details about their ingredients on the Miniscoff website:

You can follow Miniscoff on Twitter: @miniscoff

You can like Miniscoff on Facebook:


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