New Year’s Eve is one of most anticipated nights of years. But for our pets it can also be night of high anxiety. In the same challenges faced by pets on bonfire night, the loud music, shouting and of course the fireworks may cause our normally calm pets to think their world is under threat. This can have some upsetting consequences. Luckily our friends at Kennedy Wild Bird Food have some handy tips, to ensure your 2017 gets off to the best start for the entire family.

Provide a cosy haven for your pets

When stressed or scared, many animals tend to retreat to an area where they feel safe. If you have a cat, you have probably noticed them hiding behind the sofa. That’s why you should create a bespoke area for your pets, such as an open crate or cupboard padded out with a familiar smelling fabric and blankets to help them feel safe

Go somewhere quieter

If you live in a really busy part of town, than the New Year’s Eve activity will be bustling. Whether you live next to a rowdy pub or in front of a park, you might want to consider taking your pet somewhere quieter. Perhaps you have a friend who’s house is a little more quieter on the night. Although you won’t be able to find somewhere totally quiet, visiting somewhere just that little bit more low key will make all the difference

Distract your pets with positive noise

It’s helpful to try and cover up the frightening sound of fireworks and a myriad of other loud noises. Turning on the TV to a reasonable volume will not only distract them with noise, but also with the visual effects – as many animals usually ‘watch’ TV when it’s on. Another popular method is to play some classical music at a reasonable volume to relieve some of the stress, whilst masking some of the loud noises.

Burn your pet’s energy during the day

On the big day itself, give your pet as much exercise as you can. If you have a dog for instance, take them to the park and let them loose. The theory behind this is that by the time your midnight countdown begins, your pets will be fast asleep and will hopefully remain so during the celebrations/

Keep your pets inside

Give them the opportunity to go to the toilet outside before it gets dark and then try and keep them inside. Place litter trays around and don’t let them outside until the commotion is over. Animals being outside when there are fireworks going off can be risky. It can cause them to panic which means they become a danger to themselves, or they go into hiding which can be difficult to find them in the dark

Stay calm yourself

During the firework frenzy, your pets will always react to your reactions. Stay calm and don’t get angry with your pets, after all, they are only acting out of fear. Gently and calmly reassure them, maybe give them a cuddle. The important thing to remember is to be as normal as possible. If your pet does try and escape, keep your pet’s collar on so if they do decide to hide or run away, you can track them down

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