Now if you’re family is anything like mine, Home Alone is on repeat at the moment. You know the scene at the start where Harry is in the police uniform summing up whether the Maccalisters will be around for Christmas or not? Well, this product makes me think of that very thing and how you can protect your loved ones and things this Christmas. 

SwannOne works over the home Wi-Fi using it’s specially designed hub, you set it up and connect it to your home router so that it has a safe connection. The step by step instructions made it really easy to follow and get it set up as quickly as possible. It took me about 15 minutes to set up the smart hub, ready to set up the other items around the house. The SwannOne Video Monitoring Kit comes with the hub, a key fob, two door or window sensors and a camera. I had a think about the entry points in the house and what would be useful and placed the two sensors at the front and the rear of the house. This way if someone comes in the front door, it will capture it and the same with the back door. There is a motion sensor by the garage so that covers the side of the house and the camera is in the kitchen (the main part of the house). 


Everything was incredibly easy to set up, the sensors come with Command stickers which are fantastic. The sensors have not budged since I installed them. 

Once everything is in place, I had to set them up to talk to the hub. There is a button on all of the gadgets that link directly to the hub and you can see them all connecting. It is very clever. When everything was connected, with the green light, I was able to install the smart phone app and see the notification and alert system at work. 

One morning there was a trigger from the kitchen, so I opened up the app and saw my husband sorting out things. It was funny seeing him on the app, whilst I was upstairs in bed. The basic subscription with SwannOne, that comes with the kit, is real time viewing from the camera. What that means is, when the alert goes off you can look at the app and see what the camera see’s. Unfortunately you cannot look back at footage from a while ago. You can however, subscribe to an upgraded service which allows you to store footage. 


Not only is it hugely practical, it would make for a great Christmas gift for Daddy too! A new gadget to play with over the festive period. I have contemplated moving the camera to dog/cat level so I can see what they get up to when we leave the property in the mornings. Secret life of pets in real life! Watch this space… 

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018