Joules Clothing: Perfect for all weather!

When I was asked if I wanted to review some Joules clothes with the children, I actually squealed a little. OK, a lot! I love Joules. Waiting for the parcel to arrive left me like a child at Christmas, it took forever in my world but only a few days in reality. What do you choose when asked to review Joules? Wellies, of course.



They have come in so handy, especially over the past few weeks as there has been a lot of summer rain showers and what better way to spend an hour or 2 is to jump in those muddy puddles with your best wellies on. We have been having great fun, they kept our feet dry and comfortable and looked super cute on our feet at the same time. They are the most use items of footwear in the Constant household. Isla loves to wear hers in the garden with all kinds of outfits, pyjamas and dressing gown even – they are her favourite things. The childrens wellies and my fantastic stripey ones feel really soft and matt, not like the usual glossy type wellies. They feel superb quality and smell like wellies should smell, you know what I mean? Daddy’s wellies are good old fashion Daddy type wellies and they look like they are going to do the business! Daddy doesn’t usually like wellies, but he has come around after trying these out, he really likes them and said they are comfortable to wear.



The wellies have been worn numerous times and are still in great condition, the quality of the material must be a lot better than other wellies we have owned as they hardly look worn and believe me they are. It is great just to be able to wipe them with a baby wipe and they look brand new again. I can drive in mine, do anything in them – I do not feel restricted and they are so comfortable. The heel on the wellies are just perfect to make walking extra comfortable.



We were also sent some gilets from Joules to go with our fantastic wellies, they are all navy ones but all ever so slightly different: Isla’s is a little more rounded at the bottom with a floral internal pattern, Noah;s is more of a straight cut and has a navy gingham pattern on in the inside. Mummy and Daddy have matt gilets and our internal patterns are similar to the children’s – we love the fact that we all match. Well the children do, they love wearing their “rabbit” jackets as they call them. Daddy has the biggest rabbit though!



They are extremely comfortable, you do not feel like you are wearing such thick, quality gilets and yet you are kept warm and cosy when you need them. The navy colour matches most of our clothes so they can be worn anytime and any day, I love clothes like that. They are really handy too, they hang by the door and are an easy grab when the weather is looking a little grey and the air has a bit of a chill.



We think every family needs a set of Joules gilets and Joules wellies, just in case because you never know. Especially in this Country. You can find their clothes on the website: and they are currently holding a fantastic sale where you can grab your family some true bargains that will be adorable editions to the wardrobes.

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