The day has finally arrived and my little baby girl is 2, although it seems a really big girl age I really don’t feel like it. I still feel like I have my little baby with me: she does not sleep well and she is very needy so I suppose it is hard to forget how old she is.

Isla Words

Isla is speaking really well now, to me she is, sometimes other people do not understand her. But I do! That is all that counts, well I know that isn’t true but that is how I feel. Health visitors and professionals told me we had a cause for worry with Noah at her age, and then nothing was wrong with him – so I am taking Isla’s slow speaking start to life with a pinch of salt. When she is ready to blurt out sentences, she will. She is learning a few important phrases around the house now though, which she is picking up from our repetitiveness I suppose. Phrases like “Noah don’t” “Stop banging Noah” “Have a nice day” “see you soon/later” – it is really cute to hear her talking. I love it when she says thank you as it sounds like “coo coo” and she does a cute little face a long with it. Adorable little girl she is. She is growing more and more confident as the weeks go on and this month is no exception, talking to everyone and anyone – telling people they are silly. Which I remember was Noah’s favourite word too at that age.



We love playing with our puzzles, books and wooden toys at the moment. She loves to concentrate on things like a book and point out the pictures and sometimes she will nicely and listen to the story along with each page – usually rushing ahead to the next page is more Isla’s style. She loves puzzles and shape sorting, logical thinker, like her mummy I think. Which is nice to see and its fun watching her do the puzzles and being on hand to help her if need be. She loves playing with all of the toys and plays really nicely, except for when she wants to irritate Noah and she will then go and steal his toys and run off. Yes, this game apparently never gets old!


Sibling Love

They have good moments and bad moments, sometimes those bad moments are very very bad moments – which is heart breaking. I am trying to focus on getting this situation resolved but it is not easy unless I am constantly watching over them and playing with them and for all the love in the world, I simply do not have the time to do this. It will always be when I have been washing up or making a cup of tea that something happens and tears are streaming down Isla’s face. I have noticed she has learnt the “Cry”, the one that  gets our immediate attention and now she uses it when she can’t put her shoes on, or open a toy or open her banana. So we are growing wise to it now, you know if she is hurt as the cry is quiet and the tears are big! Bless her. I wonder what goes through her head everytime Noah clonks her one?


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Last Update: Saturday, 10th May 2014