How is she nearly 3? Isla is 2 years and 9 months old today, that means it is only 3 months until she is 3. I remember when Noah was turning 3 and how much of a big boy I thought he was going to be and with Isla, she is still my baby and I literally cannot comprehend this is happening. Isn’t it funny how you feel about your youngest compared to your oldest? She is a little beauty and each day she is doing more and more that makes us smile, she is beautiful inside and out.


I can’t really explain it other than she is just a lovely little girl. She is so thoughtful, caring and loving towards us. So much more so than little Noah was. Isn’t it funny how different girls and boys are, or maybe it’s not a gender thing and it is just them. They are different. She is still a little Mummy’s girl, she clings to me and she really loves her Mummy. I do love that, but I encourage her to spend time with Daddy as much as possible. I don’t want her to be totally reliant on me all the time, it isn’t fair on Daddy nor Noah. It is nice as Daddy takes Noah and Isla swimming at the weekend and they both get time with Daddy, without Mummy. I think it has helped her a lot. She is now quite independent. I cannot dress her anymore. So I have to prepare for that in the mornings, I put her clothes out and give her at least 20 minutes to get ready. If I try to help her, she takes her clothes off and starts again, without me. Yes that independent!



 She is learning incredibly quickly at the moment, she had that scooter a week before Christmas, she couldn’t really do it and veered to the left and after 3 more attempts she is zooming around as quickly as Noah. It was amazing. The difference from the first scooter trip to the one we had last, she watched Noah and learnt from him. I suppose that’s the great thing about having an older sibling, you can watch and learn. Work out what is acceptable and how to do things. Isla is learning how to do things and also learning how to push the boundaries on what is acceptable. She is trying the word “no” a lot at the moment, but she says it with a cheeky grin. She knows what she is doing and her cute smile just makes it funny. It is hard to discipline her I will admit. She is really good with her puzzles, working things out is something that comes naturally to her. It is fun watching her put pieces together and seeing the eureka moments. She sings all the time, dances all the time and learns new songs and dances all the time. She is so happy when she is singing and dancing.


Sibling love

They love playing together at the moment, with the odd blip of “not sharing” from Noah. It is more often than not that Noah will want something Isla has, rather than the other way around. She does know how to wind him up though. Incredible how annoyed Noah can get, and how quickly. She will do silly things like take a car and run off, with the biggest and most cheekiest grin on her face – to wind him up. Of course, he does get wound up and she thinks it is excellent. The attention that she so wanted, she has got. It happens less and less now though as I became wise to the crying noises and the Mummy’s followed by tears, they both get told off now and toys taken away from them. So the silly not sharing thing has calmed down a lot. She follows him around everywhere, so I can imagine it is good for them to have a break from each other sometimes. It is just a case of making sure Noah has something to do and Isla has something to do too, otherwise the winding up starts.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th February 2015