Lots to look forward to with little Isla this month, she has been developing very visually and saying lots, you can see the developments really clearly now. Which is great. I love how she is getting more independent too, she wants to do everything by herself, but at the same time is still very clinging and wants her Mummy. I love that!

photo 4

Isla Words

She is saying all kinds of words, they are endlessly coming out and she just copies everything that Noah (well all of us) says. More so Noah I suppose. She idolises him, you can tell, I suspect that is natural with the youngest of two. I love it when she tries to copy long syllable words and they end up coming out different, it is very cute. She likes to say silly but that comes out “schilly”, silly billy being her favourite to say. It does make us smile. I think she has a little lisp going on, nothing that time will not sort out I am sure but you can hear it in some of her words. She is a very confident young lady, so I know she will be ousing out long words and reading books to me before I know it.




Sibling love

The arguments are getting a little more frequent, as she is learning to frustrate her big brother they are becoming more of a game and I am sure as she starts to talk more and actual sentences they will slow down again. I remember fighting with my brother until we were a lot older, like 15 years old but we would be best friends soon after. The trials and tribulations of siblings I suppose. It is nice that they are close in age though, consecutive school years as well. Oh no, don’t think about school years. That is looming on us with Noah going to school next year. Crazy!!



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