My little girl is growing up, not only physically but she is getting really clever and that cleverness is just amazing to watch. Observing her making things happen, or making something work, it is great – yes she gets stroppy if it doesn’t happen first time, but she is a determined creature. Lots of fun has been had this month.



Isla Words

This month Isla has definitely learnt a lot: words are becoming sentences and conversations are occurring more and more now. She can talk to you and you can just about get by with understanding what she means. Well I say that, for me and Daddy more so as we see her all the time. She will say things like “bye bye Daddy, have a nice day” or “see you soon”, she copies her big brother still so much and sometimes her words do come out a little nasally where she is trying so hard to pronounce the same words as Noah. But because Noah has said it first, you get the gist. She talks all the time, to her toys, to us and to herself. She is a little dreamer and very chatty. She sings all the time too and has a beautiful singing voice, you can tell what she is trying to sing by the tune if you cannot make out the words – which is great for 2.



We love messy play, totally adore getting messy and getting our clothes dirty too! Its her favourite thing to do and at nursery, sometimes she has gone through 2 changes of clothes because of it. She is great with a pencil and colouring pens, she is very neat and holds the pencil like a true artist. Hopefully she will have my creativity as I loved art when I was a child and drawing was one of my favourite things to do. She seems to love it as well, fingers crossed. She loves playing with all of her toys but still her favourite activity is her books – she will happily sit and read her books all day if she wasn’t so interested in what Noah is doing. I love the fact she is a little book reader and artist, just reminds me of me when I was younger. Which is fabulous.


Sibling Love

As always she is looking up to her big brother in awe and wishing she could be big and grown up just like him. Noah being the clumsy little man that he is often ends in Isla doing the same sort of things and falling over too. Bless her. She just wants to copy him all the time, I love the fact she loves him so much. They are a gorgeous little pair when they are playing happily and giggling together – it is the best sound to listen to.

Isla (1)

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