Isla is really developing into that “little” lady, she is showing her bossy side and giving Noah all he gives out. Which is nice to see she is holding her own, but watching them fight isn’t fun. I still can’t believe this little princess is 2.


Isla Words

There are a lot of words that come out of little Isla’s mouth at the moment, mainly copying what Noah says and what we ask her to say. She is really good at saying please and thank you, which is brilliant and I love the way she says them “Pweaz” and “Thank coo”. It is adorable when they are trying to put words together and do not quite make it. I love the fact that Noah and Isla can talk to each other now and yes, quite often, wind themselves up but more often than not they talk and play nicely with each other. Listening to them giggling, being silly and repeating each other on the trampoline is one of my favourite things. I can literally sit in my lovely garden, with a cuppa and kick back enjoying the happy sounds coming from the bouncing children – they love that trampoline. How did we cope without it for 6 months? Isla is trying to say pretty much everything, she can form sentences quite easily but they do not sound coherent to other people, but she is trying and that is the main thing. She can tell me if something is hurt, “knee hurt” for example and she can tell me when Noah has done something to upset her or naughty. There is no escaping from the tell tale stories now.



She is a very quiet player, she loves to sit and talk to her babies and her soft toys – what I would imagine a typical little girl to love doing. She is quite happy to sit and play on her own, but at the same time she loves playing games with Noah and copying Noah. That is the most fun I think, lets copy what Noah does – it is a game that I am sure will be her favourite until they go to school, at the very least. It is lovely watching them play alongside each other, especially when Noah is having one of his nice days and “allows” her to play with him. She looks up to him so much, but she does well not to get angry with him when he ruins her play. She just cries and wants a cuddle, or carries on playing with some different toys. Good girl!


Sibling Love

Yes there is love there, I promise. Although I talk a lot about the non sharing and the attitude that comes from the pair of them sometimes, they do love one another. You can see it in their eyes and the caring tones that come through their voices. But with Isla especially, she oozes love for her older brother. She is totally ruled by him. It is quite extraordinary to see the huge amount of love that they share and this is exactly the reason I wanted children. I am looking forward to the summer months where they will get closer and closer, especially as Isla’s speech develops more and more. Exciting times ahead. 





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