The same introduction as Noah can be said for Isla, my tiny little baby girl was so poorly over Christmas and New Years – it was heartbreaking. I really didn’t like seeing her so floppy, sleepy and poorly. We officially hate bugs, illnesses and anything of that nature in our household now. We got through it but it ruled out the period from Christmas Day until New years eve. Little Isla was just not herself at all.


We seemed to get over the anxiety from recent months by changing routines and now Isla and Noah go to a different nursery, Daddy drops them off and I pick them up – this works really well as Isla can’t cling to me and there are less issues when saying goodbye. Not that she doesn’t care about her Daddy but whilst she is going through this stage of wanting Mummy, we thought it would be a good idea. It’s working!



She is changing so much and so quickly, I am really looking forward to this year as I know by the end of it she will be talking and playing with Noah – it is going to be amazingly cute to see. She is still quite a determined little one and very independent, she will happily sit and play on her own for hours – entertaining herself with her toys (as long as she is not in the room on her own of course). You can hear her toddlerish conversations between characters and she holds them and makes them walk and sit on the slides etc. She watches what we do very closely and copies it. She pretends to eat and makes a yum sound too when we play shops, it is funny watching her chasing after Noah when he goes to the shops – I am not sure if she really knows where she is going to.



We have recently had to get medicine for poor Isla as she has a lot of trouble pooping, which has been terrible to watch her go through. So much pain, such a horrific sight and it must be so traumatising for her little body. We are hoping to get rid of this pronto before any mental issues become a factor, I would hate for her to actually not want to poop because she is frightened of the pain. So a lot of diet diaries and keeping her off of “bad” foods to see what could be causing her the trouble. Poor baby girl!


Sibling Love

She absorbs everything from her brother; everything! I love how she analyses what he does, makes sure it is OK to do it and then copy. She knows a lot, well most about her surroundings through watching Noah and what happens to him. If you ask Isla if she wants to go in the naughty corner, if she is misbehaving, she shakes her head to indicate no and then stops being naughty! She knows what the naughty corner is from seeing Noah go in to it, plenty of times. It’s so clever really. She is very observant and this is the blessing of being the second child, watching and learning. Taking that step back and thinking, I don’t want to do it like that or maybe I shouldn’t do that altogether – I suppose it depends on what mood she is in!


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Last Update: Friday, 10th January 2014