I have actually managed to get some lovely photos of Isla this month, showing her beautiful little smile off and her terrifically cute little curls. I simply adore her little face, she has a lovely smile that just melts your heart – I know I am biased but at the same time I think it’s true as other people tell me it also. This month has been full of ups and downs with Isla, she has been poorly, not sleeping well and still not talking – but she is exploring and really starting to play with toys “properly”.



Recently she has been playing with her toys differently, she has been displaying signs of pretend play and her little imagination coming in to action. It is great to see her watching Noah and me playing with things and then trying to do it herself. I noticed that she did this with the play food, Noah and I were pretending to eat a lovely lunch that Noah prepared and Isla came along to play and watched us both – studied what we were doing and then started doing it herself. She pretended to eat the food and then she would look at me with the biggest grin as if to say I am playing too! It was a lovely moment as Noah acknowledged it too and expressed his delight that Isla was playing with us. Since that moment I watch them playing with the food together and Noah cooks for Isla and she eats it. Just need to teach them to wash up now! She really loves playing with the toys and Noah, she has phases throughout the day where she will not want to be on her own, but then some points of the day she really does want to be on her own.


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Feeding Time

Now Isla is 18 months, we thought it was about time that she ate at the big table with the rest of the family – booster seat at the ready we have been attempting this all week and she really enjoys it. The best moment of the week was when Noah realised she was close enough to feed and when Isla was crying because she had eaten of all her dinner up, he fed her his and said “Pasta makes Isla happy”. It was so sweet and made me chuckle. I am starting to take away milk bottles during the day as I am confident Noah didn’t have milk at all when he was 18 months, just a beaker of Follow on Milk at bedtime. So far it is going well, we have not had any scenarios this week when she has been desperate for milk – its a comfort to her still and when she wants a nap she will want a bottle of milk. Fingers crossed we will get there.


Isla still doesn’t talk, uttering sounds like words and making a lot of babbling noise is all we get at the moment. She will point to everything and say “What’s that?”, so I am guessing she is learning as we tell her what all of these things are. She has started to say Dada a lot more this week and I am sure she has said the odd word here and there – probably when she thinks no one is listening. She has said No, Noah, what sounded like Thomas in the past few weeks – so I know she can do it. She just chooses not to or she is waiting for something. I am trying to encourage her, I ask her to say Ta for things and she says “Ta”, it sounds more like Gar at the moment but I know she is saying it. I can’t see there being anything wrong with her as she is extremely intelligent and aware of everything. I will keep an eye on it.


Sibling Love

They have been playing, walking and feeding together a lot this month and their relationship has grown too. She looks up to Noah and wants to be everywhere he is and do everything he is doing. If he is concentrating on a game or something that Isla isn’t involved in, she will make sure she is seen and heard. She winds him up until he either pays her attention or stops what he is doing and plays with her, with something else of course! We had a fab time celebrating Noah’s birthday weekend and we went out all day on Saturday and she was as good as gold. It is just lovely to have that special family time all together.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 13th November 2013