My little princess has been making a lot of changes recently: growing both in height and her hair is getting longer, she is learning very quickly and guess what? Yes, she is talking! Finally. Yippee. Over the past few weeks we have had so many words and copying it is phenomenal.


Isla Words

So where as last month she could not say Mummy, oh yes she has learnt this one now and I love it when she walks into our bedroom in the morning, runs around to my side of the bed shouting “mummy, mummy” and jumps on me for a morning cuddle. Happy times. It is moments like this that make me want to just sit there forever and capture it in a little bottle and shelve it – you know the moments I mean. So other new words that she likes to use are Cake, I wonder why, Tree, Duck, Chair, Table, Wet, Milk, Bed, Bath and she says “Where are you?” In a very quick sentence, like she has squashed all the words together but I know what she is meaning, it is adorable. Another one to add to the AHHHHH shelf is “Love you”, she is already saying that, I say it to them everyday without fail and little Isla was cuddling me the other day and she turned my face around and said “love you” in her quick sentence style and gave me a big squeeze. AMAZING. I just want to squeeze her. Please let her stay this adorable and tiny forever.



Isla loves playing, but even though there is no real sense to what Isla does with her playtime, she is so different to Noah its quite obvious the more I pay attention to it. Isla will walk into the playroom and take a book, sit down and browse the pages for 5-10 minutes at a time and then move on to the next book. She may move onto another activity like playing with the little people and houses, duplo or her busy books, but she will play nicely for quite a while. Whereas Noah just walks into the playroom and tips up every bucket until all the toys are in the middle of the room – then moans that he can’t play with his train set. Well dur! We have started focusing on tidying up our toys and Isla is getting involved in this too, she see’s what Noah is doing and gets involved too – which is great. Noah is old enough to understand the instruction we give him and Isla is old enough to learn through observation, so when Noah does something Isla will learn from that. I use this to my advantage when I can!


Sibling Love

The love that she has for her brother is just overwhelming at times, especially if Noah is having a “lone time” moment and doesn’t want to interact with her. Isla quite often walks up to Noah and gives him random cuddles, kisses on the nose and they hold hands a lot. They are always together except at nursery, so it is nice she gets a break from him and him too, but when I picked them up on Wednesday Isla was in Noah’s room – they were playing in the sandpit together which is nice to know they do interact at nursery too. I bet they miss each other Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am dreading when we have to split them up and they go to different schools, for a year Noah will be at school and Isla will be at nursery, if my maths is correct, hopefully they will be okay about it.


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Last Update: Monday, 10th March 2014