I couldn’t resist but display Isla’s beautiful photos taken by Daddy, Custardface Photography, last month. She looks incredibly cute and as you can see she is getting better at performing for the camera.


She loves playing with her toys, she will happily explore things and do that for hours, she doesn’t necessarily do things constructively at the moment. She empties the toy kitchen cupboards, or her toy handbag, or the box of bricks and she loves throwing it on the floor – she will then pick it all up and put it back in the place she found it. She doesn’t do this everytime mind, but it is a favourite game of hers.DSC_5884


She loves her food as you all know, a little teething recently has caused her to be a bit grizzly when it comes to meal times, but we are still eating finger foods confidently and I am giving her more and more food that is “messy” so that she can explore with it, what is sticky, what is runny and giving her different kinds of foods is important too. So I have been giving her things like corn on the cob and she liked it but soon got bored with the chewing concept and I had to take the corn off the cob – we then played with it for a little while on the table! But its fun and that’s the best bit about learning to do all these things, the fun that goes along with it.DSC_5920-2


She is getting better at sounding things when she should, if that makes any sense, she isn’t saying actual words at the moment, like thanks or anything like that, but she will say what sounds like E-I-E-I-O at the correct time and “round and round” when we sing wheels on the bus. So she is understanding the sounds and trying to get them out, which is a good thing.


Well we are very confident on our feet now, it is lovely to see her walking around after her brother. She follows him anywhere he goes and if you leave her in the room on her own, she will be at the stairgate moaning for someone to come back and play. We have started playing chase now, so before bathtime we play chase in the lounge and she chases Noah and Noah chases her back. Their faces are a picture when the other one is running after them, she isn’t quite running yet, when she attempts to walk quickly her feet seem to get further and further apart and she looks very comical – we also have a number of accidents when that happens. But she is getting better and better all the time.


It is amazing to watch them play together, eat together, talking babyish together and just their general facial expressions when they see eachother for the first time each morning – it melts my heart every time. They give eachother the biggest, cheesiest grins possible, it’s lovely.


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