Our home is meant to be an oasis. A place where we can come and leave our worries from the world outside. Modern life can be fast paced, confusing and often leads to anxiety.

Yet, many people don’t find much relief when they come home. Quite the opposite for some of us as it is the house that is causing a lot of anxiety. When your home is not balanced and you can’t relax there then this compounds whatever anxiety you may be feeling and can even add to it.

In this article, I will go over several factors that could be causing your anxiety from your house and what you can do about it.

1 – Too sterile

Many people want to decorate their home the same way they see some in magazines and websites. This is totally natural. However, a lot of times people miss the mark. They think they are decorating according to a template, but don’t really understand how to make the style work.

As a result, their home is lifeless and sterile. And this can make your anxiety levels rise as it is not as cozy as you thought it would be.

The remedy is to make it more natural. In addition to any of the furniture and fixtures you have added, you should also be adding some touches from nature itself. Plants are essential as the greenery provides a soothing atmosphere. And they also keep the air fresh and full of oxygen which helps improve your mental well being.

Water is another element that helps your mental health as the sound of it is very calming. Anxiety can be reduced by adding wall water features. Bubbling brooks, softly crashing waves and gentle waterfalls create a sound that lulls our brain into a calm and peaceful place.

2 – Too much clutter

Keeping your home tidy is a big challenge. It can easily get away from us and then things begin to pile up. And when it does, the clutter ends up causing anxiety to build.

One of the reasons that clutter can end up building up to the point that it gets out of control is that there is not enough storage. Or that your storage is not organized well enough.

Try to take a day to reorganize your storage system to make sure that everything has its place. If you find that you have it organized but still have clutter, then you need to add some storage solutions to your home. Look for places to add more containers and put stuff that isn’t being used regularly somewhere else.

3 – Not enough light

A dark home can be cozy some times, but most of the time it seems gloomy. Make sure that you are keeping the windows clear and pull the drapes away to let in plenty of natural light.

If you don’t have enough windows, then see about adding another window where it is needed if you have the budget for that. Or, you may find that your windows are simply dirty and need to be cleaned. You’ll be surprised at how much brighter your rooms are after they’re cleaned.

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Last Update: Monday, 7th September 2020