So you’re taking your family on a holiday abroad, but when it comes to money, we all know that holidaying as a family has the potential to break the bank. Accommodation, flights, transfers, meals, activities… the list goes on, and sure enough you’re left unhinged and out of pocket. There are plenty of ways to save money, I was amazed at all different ways listed below. 

There are however, some easy ways to avoid the family holiday funds fluster, saving yourself both some money and stress, before you’ve even boarded the plane.

Keep Your Options Open

You may have your sights set on something very specific, no doubt this would be an easy route – just open your laptop, a few clicks, and your 2 week stay in a Dominican villa is booked! However, if you keep your options open and get your bargain-hunting hat on, you could discover options you didn’t know were even out there, and for a much lower price.


Use comparison websites, such as ​​ – Skyscanner lts you see all of your options clearly, lets you fiddle with the dates to find the cheapest options and is super easy to navigate. Even changing your dates around by 1 or 2 days could make all the difference! Furthermore, hotels are usually cheaper when you stay over Sundays, so keep that in mind when looking at dates.


Using new currency can seem really daunting and confusing, are you getting ripped off? What do these rates even mean?! However, doing it right it is actually an incredibly easy way to save money, with minimal to no effort required on your end.

It is all too easy to forget to get your euros for the Costa del Sol family holiday, and end up getting scrambling for them in the airport. You wouldn’t believe how bad the airport rates are compared to elsewhere, so avoid that at all cost. In fact, even getting your money on the high street at home isn’t the cheapest option.

I actually found a really good legitimate website that shows you where the best rate is: It stops you searching around for rates (does anyone even do that?) manually, you simply stick in how much £ you want to change over, and they provide all of your options. You can order online for delivery, and see the high street prices too, and it’s all in one place.

Book Attractions in Advance

Accounting for the extortionate banana boating trip shouldn’t be overlooked! If your vacation doesn’t include entertainment for the kids, make sure to look up what’s going on in your areas before you get there, book it in advance, and avoid the crazy costs. Booking attractions before you get there means not only do you save money, but you have some plans to already look forward to and get the kids excited about.

Read the small print

Now that you’ve booked your accommodation and flights, getting the details of where you’re going to be is a must! Look into the local culture of where you’re going – is there heavy tipping culture there? What is the regular price of going out to eat? If you’ve booked a resort, make sure you know what is included and what isn’t.

Look at what restaurants are around you. In general, going out for breakfast and lunch is always a lot cheaper than dinner, as restaurants raise their prices in the evenings.

Travel Insurance

Finally, the best investment you could make is on travel insurance. There are many factors completely out of your control on vacation, so be prepared and worry free, and don’t get stung on uber-expensive medical care should you need it!

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Last Update: Friday, 27th July 2018