When you’re looking to redecorate your home, there is a lot to consider. Finding a balance between creating space and bringing in exciting colours for a fresh change of pace is a delicate dance that only those with an eye for design can truly master. Let’s get started! You may not be a design expert, but lucky for you, we have five simple decorating tips for rearranging your spaces that are sure to impress. I love moving furniture around and making spaces look different with just rearranging.

1.    Create A Focus Point

When you’re rearranging rooms, creating a focal point will make your space less distracting, even if you enjoy decorating your rooms with lots of patterns and colors at once. Without a center point to look at, a room can feel all over the place and disorganized. Do your best to clear away the clutter by making a center point easy to spot and organized enough for social gatherings. If you enjoy pairing your leather furniture with colorful or printed throw pillows, consider angling your furniture so that it is all facing each other, the television, or some other center point in the room. Having a spot to go to visually will bring about balance and stability in your space.

2.    Look Towards the Window

When it comes to bedrooms, you want to focus your home redecorating efforts around windows. Put your best mattress against the wall opposite the window to gain a pleasant view from bed. You will also create more walking space in your room if you leave the areas between your bed and the window relatively bare. Bedrooms should feel calming and grounding, so avoid adding unnecessary décor pieces here. Focus your furniture near your window, and you’ll create an illusion of space and peace simultaneously.


3.    Remember to Declutter

A big part of rearranging and redecorating is just decluttering. Get rid of any furniture pieces, trinkets, books, etc., that you do not use, and create more space for yourself. With additional walking room, you’ll have more opportunities to arrange your furniture in new ways. Instead of cramming your sectional against the back wall, now you can place it in the center of the room, adding dimension to your living area. Getting rid of unnecessary items can prompt you to discover rearrangements that are more fitting for your space. This is the one thing I need to do a lot of over the Summer; essential decorating tips.

4.    Choose Minimalist Designs

To rearrange your furniture in a way that maximizes the space, seek to create arrangements that are minimalistic in visual appearance. Low-height couches, mid-century tables, and using hairpin legs for table bottoms are all elegant and minimalistic ways to bring more minimalistic flair to your space. Make sure that you leave at least a few inches of space between furniture pieces so that the room feels balanced. The more harmonic you can make your space, the more inviting it will be for yourself and any of your guests.


5.    Take the Opposite Route

Suppose you’re new to decorating and are unsure of where to begin. Start by moving everything to its opposite side. If your bed is on your left wall, move it to the right wall. If your entryway table is in the center, move it to the end of the hall. These are just some of the things you can do to facilitate easy changes that enhance your space. Get creative and know that a little goes a long way with design.

The Bottom Line

Rearranging your space is about working with what you have. Your focus may be on decluttering, repositioning furniture, or centering your room. Start with where you are and follow these suggestions for design arrangements that make all the difference! I love these decorating tips; simple and quick to implement.

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Last Update: Friday, 6th August 2021