Sooner or later you will be forced to drive in gale force winds, torrential rain, ice and snow. Ideally you should avoid driving in bad weather, but sometimes that isn’t possible. The way the weather has been over the past couple of days it is unavoidable to drive in the gale force winds that have drifted over from hurricane Barney. 

So, if you do have to head out, make sure you check out the infographic created by UK Claim Lawyers. It highlights the key information you need to know when driving in bad weather, such as turning your lights on when visibility is poor and using a high gear in snow or icy conditions.

Of course, it’s always best to avoid driving in bad conditions if you can, however with this bad weather driving guide to keep you safe, you should arrive in one piece.  Just make sure to print a copy of it off or commit its tips to memory so that you’ll know what to do come fog or snow.


Snowy tyre image by Shutterstock.

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