Happy Mothers Day, this year I am the proud mother of 2 little humans and I love them so much. I received a gorgeous gift this morning from my little people and my wonderful husband…


I woke up to lovely white chocolate rice crispy cakes, with marshmallow of course and a brilliant “hand” made card from Noah. It was a perfect morning as Isla let me have a lie in until 8am too – an extra 2 hours.

I love Mothers Day, I have only had a few of them but they really are a special day where I really think about how lucky I am and how grateful I am for my little family. I have never felt anything like I do for my family and a special day dedicated to them is just what you need sometimes. It makes me think about our memories and our family times together, me and Daddy were talking about our last summer holiday together this morning and how Isla was only 8 weeks old and how nice it was going in the pool with her and Noah and how much we are looking forward to doing that on our next summer holiday. It’s exciting when thinking about our holidays as it is that one and only time you get to spend with the family, without interruptions and its just you. I love it. We are looking forward to taking a few English breaks together too, we are going to Wales this year with Nanny & Grandad and me and Daddy are hoping to get away for a weekend in London soon, I have been checking out lots of hotels and this one really sprang to mind and look they have a Mothers Day offer on at the moment: Millennium Hotels. We are hoping to stay in central London and make the most out of the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, sounds rather nice doesn’t it and it will be right in the middle of London. The hotels look amazing and I especially love the Loccitane creams that you can get in the hotel rooms. We love visiting our capital city and we also love our trips to the English countryside, I am especially looking forward to these things as Isla and Noah grow, we can do more and different things together as a family.

Another thing I like about Mothers Day is the appreciation to my Mumma and Mother in Law, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here as The Constants and there would definitely be no Noah and Isla. Noah and Isla made Nanny and Nanna cards especially for them to show much they love them, I can’t wait for next year – that will be fun!

I hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day, just as much as I have. 🙂

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Last Update: Sunday, 10th March 2013