We were recently asked to review a product off of the great website giftsonline4u.com that specialise in fantastic gift ideas and personalised gifts. In light of Mothers Day I wanted to get something that would make for a nice gift for me as a Mum and I was really taken back with the Name on a Train idea. Having a nice ornament with Noah’s name across it made me smile and that’s all I want from my Mothers Day.


You can see the details for the name train on the website http://giftsonline4u.com/name-on-a-train-gift-for-children/Gift and it will set you back £20.99 plus 75p per letter of the name you require. It was really easy to order, just simply type in the name you require and it was sent within 2 working days – super quick delivery.


As you can see it came in parts and you had to put it together really quickly, but it literally went together in 3 minutes and was up and ready to show off to the family. Noah fell in love with the “choo” and cried until we let him have the main train part, he does love his trains.


The train is made up of wood and paint, it is a little delicate to put together in that I wouldn’t trust Noah to have done it himself without breaking it, but an older child could build this for his/her Mummy. Once together, it was very sturdy and stood perfectly – it is a great quality and unique product.


It is bright, colourful and the design is very specific, I love the tree and train sign to compliment the train itself. It looks fab sitting on the Noah shelf in our dining room.

It really is a great website, with some fantastic things that you can purchase and have personalised for Mummy on Mothers Day, or any up and coming event that you have in mind.

You can look at the great range of products on the website: http://giftsonline4u.com. You can like them on Facebook: Facebook.com/Giftsonline4u and follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GiftsOnline4U. 


Don’t forget its Mothers Day on Sunday!


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Last Update: Thursday, 7th March 2013