I thought it was about time we had some fun with photo’s when it comes to playtime, hence “foto funtime”… I love being creative with the little ones toys and now we can be creative with our cameras too and share our creativeness.

babyYou might be playing with a little baby, baby toys and feel that the foto funtime will be limited, but you will be surprised how creative you can be with a camera and some toys! If you want to join in with the baby logo (to the left) then please feel free.


Or you might have a little tot that plays with their toys all day long, making little worlds and being extremely creative – doing all the hard work for you! If you want to join in with the tot logo (to the right) then please feel free.

So you want an example, I hear you say, this weeks’s “foto funtime” is for both my baby and my tot as they were playing very happily together with their Happyland village. If you want to join in with this week’s “foto funtime” with MummyConstant, then link up below…


Some little pointers to think about:

  • Take photos at different angles around the toys
  • Play with some toys that you can set up and arrange in different ways
  • Try playing with something new and unusual to make for extra creative fun
  • Colourful toys make very creative photos


It is nice to be playing with my little humans and snapping away at their funtime too, I love being involved with them and I love taking pictures – the camera is always on, so I thought let’s make some use of it!



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Last Update: Monday, 18th March 2013