We were very lucky to start off the “Spruce up for Spring” with another fantastic product from Gtech, the AirRAM vacuum cleaner is absolutely amazing, efficient and saves time and money! It is by far the most superior gadget in the house and it’s cordless, we love it and I vacuum so much more now – so the house is happy too.


The Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner has all the convenience of being cordless. It carries 1/20th* of the running costs of some mains-powered vacuums and compresses all the dirt, dust and fluff into neat little bales which you just drop into the bin. Join the Revolution…

The rather compact AirRAM is just perfect for carrying around, a handy vacuum to have when pregnant and for those of us who have slight back problems (my Grandma would be able to use this without a struggle at her 80 years of age), it is so lightweight it is very portable and great for taking it up and down the stairs. We have 2 sets of stairs in our house, so being able to get from the bottom to the top without a struggle is a huge benefit.

It is really easy to use in terms of manuering around furniture and corners too, as the handle is designed to rotate, you can use one hand and just quickly push this vacuum along without any effort at all.

Now, although it is a small vacuum and it has a compact filter and a small hold for all of that dirt and dust, it really does pick up a lot: that has something to do with the way it compacts the dirt in to little bales and makes it easy to just throw in the bin. I made a little video on my YouTube channel to show you how easy it is to clear out the mess and how the dirt is compacted in the compartment:

The test

Our house is a nightmare, our carpets are always covered in pet hair and dirt where the kids are constantly roaming over it with their snacks, drinks and muddy feet. So our lounge carpet was the perfect place to test the AirRAM, I wasn’t expecting much from such a compact vacuum: I thought maybe it will just pick up some of the bigger bits on the carpet and to be honest with you, I really did think it would leave the pet hair. Here is my before photo:


As you can see there is a lot of pet hair, a lot of darker areas where the cat sprawls in the afternoon sunshine (when we get it that is) and the odd crumb or two. After a quick vacuum of the carpet with the AirRAM, I got this result:


I am sure you are as amazed as I was, no pet hair, no dark patches: just carpet. It cleaned the carpet so rapidly and without much effort at all I was really taken back. It is such a powerful vacuum, it is really deceiving. The thing to remember with the AirRAM is: when it stops picking up – you need to empty it. There is no indication of when it is ready to be emptied, apart from the loss of suction.

Charging it up

You have to plug the cordless AirRAM into the mains to charge it up when the battery gets low, but it isn’t an overnight or hours long charge, it takes around 3/4 hours to get fully charged and is then ready to be used again around the house. I thought this was a brilliant idea as who has the time these days for “wait” for things to work, you just want something there and then. There are 4 green LED lights on the front of the AirRAM which indicate how much charge it has, when it gets down to 1 bar – you might want to stick it on charge ready for next time.

The “green” bit

Over 5 years you are meant to save up to £200 on your energy bills by using the Gtech AirRAM, this is because you are not powering the vacuum every time you use it (I have to charge it around once every 2 weeks) and when you do charge it, it is fully charged very quickly. It is fitted with a 100w motor, which is really energy efficient compared to a plug in vacuum which is usually around 1100w to 2000w.

As with all stick vacuums there are some cons: it is hard to clean the stairs themself and awkward, tight spaces. It is a little noisy, but you can still hold a conversation over the top of it and it is quite pricey. But if you weigh up the initial cost to the savings you get – it balances itself out quite well. Overall it is a great cordless vaccum.


If you want to view any of the other Gtech products, visit their website: You can like Gtech on Facebook: and follow them on Twitter:


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  • My Two Mums
    March 20, 2013

    This sounds right up our street! Love how it’s quite compact.

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    August 14, 2018

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    April 25, 2020

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