We absolutely adore Disney+ in the Constant household, it’s my favourite TV app. It has recently had some huge changes which makes family sharing much easier and safer, also there is a whole new suite of things to watch from Star. 

The new content ranges from TV series to movies, and originals to boot! Thousands of hours of drama, suspense and my favourite: thrills are now included in the new Star section. I have restarted Desperate Housewives; it was one of those series that I watched when it was released but I missed the last couple of seasons. So, I decided I would start a fresh with it. I am really looking forward to getting back into it. It’s funny, 30 minutes in and I am already starting to remember what I loved about the characters. 

New Star content 

These are the TV series and movies on my Disney+ watchlist: 

  • 9/11 Firehouse
  • 9-1-1 S1 – 2
  • Atlanta S1- 2
  • Big Sky (Star Original) S1
  • Bones S1 – 12
  • Desperate Housewives S1 – 8
  • Grey’s Anatomy S1 – 15 (My favourite all time show) 
  • The Killing S1 – 4 (This is brilliant if you haven’t watched it) 
  • Prison Break S1 – 5
  • Scandal S1 – 7 (Another fave) 
  • Sons of Anarchy S1 – 7
  • Ugly Betty S1 – 4
  • The X-Files S1 – 9

These are some of the movies that I want to watch too, there are hundreds of new ones added though: 

  • Arachnophobia (I love this movie) 
  • Con Air
  • Die Hard 2
  • Enemy of the State
  • The Favourite
  • Hitchcock
  • Independence Day
  • The Jewel of the Nile
  • Last Dance 
  • The Maze Runner
  • One Hour Photo
  • Pretty Woman
  • Romancing the Stone
  • The Siege
  • Sleeping with the Enemy
  • Taxi
  • White men can’t jump 
  • William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

Some absolute classics in that list and also some that I haven’t seen before, I can’t wait for cosy nights throughout Spring to get into these! 

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New parental controls 

The other great update that Disney+ have done is adding parental controls to the app. So, you can now set up a PIN for when you log into an adult profile. This helps to keep the children from watching what they shouldn’t and give me peace of mind that the kiddies are only watching Disney+ with the appropriate content ratings.

You can specify different age brackets for accounts, which is handy if you have younger children and older children in the same house. 

Graphical user interface, application Disney+ content rating

It was super easy to set up, Disney+ understood that I hadn’t set one up, so it asked me to do it the very next time I logged in. I chose my pin and voila. Now, everytime I log into my profile it asks me for my pin. 

A tv above a fireplace Disney+

Now I can safely catch up on my TV series and the children can view theirs. I have the new Star Originals: Big Sky and Love, Victor on my to watch list. Once I have finished Desperate Housewives of course. You can subscribe now for £7.99 a month.

What is your favourite show on Disney+? I would love to know in the comments below. 

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Last Update: Sunday, 27th August 2023