The thought of painting superhero figures on Noah’s walls sounds extremely appealing, but whilst we are renting I am not seeing the benefit of the hard labour. When Dulux sent me this fabulous superhero theme idea, it was perfect. Not too tricky and it looks really effective. Noah absolutely adores it too. 



The reason I thought this was a relatively easy theme to replicate is because it is mainly straight lines, if you use the right tape you can create the straight lines easily without making a mess along the way. The theme uses four colours, you need the tiniest amounts of polished pebble and banana split though, so grab tester pots. But you will need quite a bit of the rich black and the striking cyan. The striking cyan is such a fabulous colour, it looks really vibrant on Noah’s wall. I used the polished pebble to paint the other two walls so that it didn’t feel too blue! This then became the Superhero feature wall. 


First off we have to use a cereal box to chalk the sky line horizon, which gives you the tops of the buildings. I did it about a third of the way up the wall so that it wouldn’t be too black. Then I used tape along those lines so that I could paint the striking cyan on the top half of the wall, quickly! I had a little helper too: 

As soon as I had finished the wall it was ready to start with the black. I did it slightly differently to the way Dulux did, as I painted the tops of the buildings free hand instead of using the tape to get straight lines. So I removed the tape and painted the buildings in the rich black. 

I went over the edges of the buildings with a small paintbrush, with a steady hand and used the design from the Dulux guide as a visual and I just chose the buildings that I wanted to adapt. I put towers on top of some, aerials on top of others and rounded some of the roofs, there is even a factory chimney in there somewhere. 

To get the superhero light, I chose the spot where I wanted the light to come from and used tape to get the perspective. Using the banana split yellow I coloured up to the edge of the circle which I had chalked in at the end. The circle then needs to be painted with the polished pebble. 



Once this was dry all you need to do is freehand paint the initial in the circle, obviously we had a N for Noah. 

I then created a superhero parade onto of Noah’s toy box which complimented the theme nicely, the idea will be that over time I will add canvases with the colours of superheroes on them. I thought it would be an easy way of getting his favourite characters on the walls. 

Noah just loves his walls, he literally walked in to the bedroom and said “wow” which is probably the best reaction you can get out of a five year old boy! He’s been showing it off to everyone that comes round too, bless him. 

You can see the Dulux children’s bedroom themes in the booklet below, there are some amazing ideas in there to create feature walls or an entire bedroom: 

[pdf-embedder url=””]

You can follow the simple guide to creating the superhero themed wall on the Dulux YouTube video too: 

You can find information of what you will need to recreate this theme on the Dulux website: There are so many variations of this you can make, use a grey instead of a black and do a day time theme and of course paint the superheroes in amongst the buildings too. I would love to see your superhero bedroom themes so please do share them. 

You can see Isla’s storytime corner bedroom theme on my other post, I had to link the two together because the children are currently sharing a bedroom. I think I have combined them well, Marianne Shillingford gave me some good advice about children sharing a room before I began: “This can be difficult if you have children with conflicting bedroom design ideas. However decorating the shared space in a way that combines both tastes in a consistent way needn’t be difficult!”. “Giving kids the opportunity to help design a bedroom that’s personal to them can be hugely important to their development”. 

I created this feature wall on my own, using the Dulux idea as a guide. All paint and brushes were supplied from Dulux in order to recreate the themed wall. All opinions and photos are my own. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 12th May 2016