I have been thinking of these things for a few weeks now, just some of the hurdles that become hugely impossible when you have children and frustrating struggles that overtime are quite comical. Apart from the obvious examples, not finishing a cup of tea or a conversation and going to the toilet unaccompanied, to name but a few. These are more of the less obvious but still equally as hilarious.

1. Have you ever tried to put tights on your daugther when she is not concentrating? A floppy foot and a pair of tights is impossible and the BIGGEST hurdle for me at the moment. Initially it was one of those tasks that would make me want to cry with frustration, but now I can laugh it off and simply let my daughter walk around with tights half up, if she cannot concentrate for the 30 seconds it would take me. Coupled with trying to put football socks on my son. If they are not paying attention and have a limp foot, it is literally impossible. I have a little Mr Angry in my head about to explode – if you’ve see Disney’s Inside Out you will understand that reference.

2. The Why game! Yes this classic game of ask the parent Why, over and over, constantly for hours. It’s the most fun a child can have, but on a positive it does not cost anything to play. Learning a tactic to answer these why questions will be the winning card for us parents. I started off with answering the why questions, with the response “why do you ask?”. I got bored of saying that before the children got bored of saying why. Ignoring the questions only wound myself up. So I ended up making stupid things up, which highly amused myself. They havent played that game for a while. I wonder why?

Example question: Mummy, why do we have to eat brocolli?
Example answer: Because if you don’t you will turn into a eight legged green and purple, bug eating tree monster. Brocolli stops this from happening.FL2A9104 (Copy)

3. Fickle is the kids middle name. Isla especially will like something one minute, then not the next and this can change at least five times throughout the day. I love carrots. I dont like carrots. I love carrots. I dont like carrots. Do you serve her carrots or not? It is a struggle I have on a daily occurence. Serving food to my children can be a nightmare if I don’t get it exactly right in that 60 seconds of putting it on the table. The worst it has been is instant tears because she didnt like that dinner, when she had gobbled it up and enjoyed it a few days before hand. Logic behind this? I have no idea! Any help would be appreciated.

4. Trying to get Mummy’s attention. Again this one in particular is worse with Isla. When she wants my attention, regardless of where I am and what I am doing. On the phone, talking to someone in person or the other side of the house. Isla’s pattern usually goes like this: mummy, mummy. mummy, mum, mum, mummy (louder), mummmmmmmmmmmy (longer), mum, mum, SONIA!!! Yes she goes to the first name basis. I simply cannot ignore it. Its a huge struggle to concentrate when she does this but oh so funny.

5. Getting ready for school.  Have you asked your child to get ready for school, or put their school shoes on just once? Brush their hair whilst they are not running away from you? No, me either. It is something you would see in an old black and white, silent comedy sketch. I literally brush Noah’s hair as he walks away from me, usually walking around the entire house before I can finish. I have to sit on top of Isla sometimes to get her hair brushed. I must have to ask them at least 14 times to get their shoes on, usually the last time is the most high pitched. I have started getting them dressed earlier, to avoid this circus like act, but sometimes it doesn’t work out like that and it can be a nightmare.

Do you have any comical hurdles and struggles to add to this list? I would love to hear them.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th May 2016