Does your child need a tutor?

Does your child need a tutor?

Every parent wants the best for their child and watching your child become frustrated with their school work, for whatever reason, is difficult to see.  

Private tutoring is becoming increasingly commonplace and it is now possible to find tutors able to help students in most subject areas; from a reading tutor, to maths, science and just about everything in between!

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However, tutors aren’t just limited to children who are struggling at school and are now frequently used for a huge variety of reasons, including some of the below:

You’re struggling to help with homework

One of the first reasons parents first consider tutoring is because they reach a point when they can no longer help with homework.  

For most parents, school is a distant memory, and trying to remember how to calculate Pi or the names of all the Kings and Queens of England is challenging to say the least.

In addition, busy working lives make finding the time to sit down for any real length of time to help with homework difficult.

They’re falling behind in class

When a child falls behind in school it can be a very worrying time for both the child and their parents.  

Tutors are specially trained to help children who are struggling with their studies, and the one to one attention the child gets means that they will work in a much more focused way than is possible in a class of 25-30 other students.

Just a few sessions could make a huge difference to your child’s grades as well as giving them a huge confidence boost.

School work isn’t challenging enough for them

Children can become mischievous and unfocused in class when they’re bored, and educating a gifted child can be challenging for teachers, especially when also trying to meet the needs of a large mixed ability class.  

Gifted children develop very differently from their peers and for some, quickly grasping what others cannot, can lead to boredom, frustration and inappropriate behaviour. Employing a tutor to challenge the brain of the gifted child can help alleviate some of these problems.

Help passing an important test or exam

Sometimes your child may just need a little one-off tutoring to help them pass an important test or exam. If your child tends to panic during test situations or finds it difficult to revise effectively, than a private tutor could be perfect for them.

Going over already learned information and helping your child assimilate the facts, whilst learning good revision skills for the future, could make the difference between a pass and a fail. If nothing else it should help keep nerves at bay and help your child keep calm and collected during the test.

Favourite subject not taught at school

It would be impossible to expect every school to teach every single subject out there, so logic says there is likely to be at least one subject your child would like to learn more about, but can’t as the school they attend doesn’t offer it. In this instance arranging a tutor who specialises in this particular subject will give your child the best of both worlds.


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