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Saturday we took the kids to Ferry Meadows, Nene park in Peterborough, which is a huge park with trains, adventure playgrounds, forest and lakes. The kids love it there as do we as they can roam around and be free.


It’s a great place for them to play, you can find details of the park on the Ferry Meadows website. There is the Ferry Meadows railway which Noah spent all day watching it come in and out, next time we must remember the £2 so he can have a ride. You can do so much there as you can see on the website, or you can just make the most out of the fabulous outdoors and being “free”.

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We took a kite and Noah had fun running around with that and Daddy took his camera and got some lovely photos of the little ones – I am very looking forward to seeing those.

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Whilst Noah had fun watching the train come in and out of the station and Isla made use of all the freedom, I have never seen her so happy than when she was running around the wide open space in the park. She just kept running and running, only sometimes coming back again. It was a safe place though so we didn’t have to charge after her all of the time and we could let her be free. It was a lovely day.

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