If your daughter is anything like little Isla, then a quiet spot in the house somewhere is the perfect place to sit and ponder. She creates these places and sits with her dolls reading stories or bushing their hair. It is really cute. She often sits and hides away being creative too, I want her to feel inspired to do this. Creating a little area for your child is a great way of giving them the okay to get busy with their imaginations. 

We recently received this pretty princess fairy castle play tent from Big Game Hunters and it is a great way of creating a space for the little ones to make their own. As Isla and Noah do not have the room for a play tent at the moment we sent it to their little cousin who has made a great job of creating her special princess place. In fact I think her Daddy likes it too! It is a really sturdy structure and it’s perfect for toddlers, and small children. 

What’s in the box? 

Well you get rather a lot (and it’s quite heavy) in a rather small box. You get the instructions, which come in very handy so please do read them. You get the plastic connectors, the wooden poles for the connectors, the fabric for the tent and the flag to go on top. 


The play tent goes up quite quickly, I am not sure the little ones help very much at this point. You have to create the outer frame with the poles and the connectors, it fits together in a hexagon shape (if you are looking from an aerial view). Then once it’s all together you can slip the outer fabric on and put the flag on top. 

I have put the assembly process in photos below for you to get a better idea: 

You can connect with Big Game Hunters on Twitter, they would love to hear any feedback about their play tents. So would I in the comments below. 


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