Yesterday we had lots of crafty fun in the afternoon, it was grey and raining outside so we spent some time painting and crafting. We started off with the papier mache but Mummy ended up finishing that whilst Noah did some fantastic paintings:


It amazed me that my little man is so very independent and knew what he was doing, thank you Nursery, he got the paints out and put them in his mixing tray – all by himself. I was impressed, very impressed and he just got on with it, painting colours and rainbows and then turned his attention to making lots of fun hand prints.





I love hand print art, it’s a great way of having messy fun as the hand prints at the end of it are just so cute and I love using them to make other crafty items like cards (watch this space).




Noah really enjoyed himself too, we had a little snack break, he didn’t even get down to eat, he was soldiering through as he wanted to paint and paint and paint. I have a conservatory of drying hand prints (not that I am complaining).


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Last Update: Monday, 16th September 2013