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This weeks Country Kids is coming from Sea Palling in Norfolk, our favourite beach. Me & Daddy C used to live in Norfolk when we first started dating and our favourite weekend activity (and in the summer evening activity) was to drive 20 mins up the road to Sea Palling and have a nice walk with little Rambo. He is the first baby we had and he used to get spoilt for walks, bless him, how things change! He now has to share all his walks with Snoopy and gets them when the kids allow. We took an impromptu trip to the beach on Saturday to make the most of the gorgeous sun and we wanted Noah to have a run around and Isla to explore some new terrain. It is safe to say, despite it being a little bit chilly, they really enjoyed it. Noah learnt lots of new words this weekend, which just goes to show how much he enjoyed himself, he was buzzing from it all. 


On the way to Norfolk, Noah repeated “seaside”, missing the S’s to begin with but after a few practises he was clearly saying seaside. He explored everything on the beach and found lots of stones and he was entertained for quite a while by throwing the stones into the sea. “Stone” was another word we learnt that day!  He also had a tennis ball, which we usually throw to the dogs, but Daddy and Noah played a fun game of throwing it to eachother and catching it. Noah wasn’t a very good catcher, but he loved chasing it with Daddy running after him. Daddy did a lot of waiting and snuggling Isla, whilst Noah was having his fun. But Isla got involved too, she was digging around in the sand, giving it a taste test and realising it isn’t something to eat and I think they both just loved the freedom of the outdoors and the fact they could explore.

IMG_0757Isla thought that it was great fun to play in the sand, she was a little anxious to begin with and you could see her studying everywhere and thinking “What on earth is this place?” but she soon got stuck in and she was crawling around.  She enjoyed squishing the sand in her fingers and throwing it around her feet, she didn’t like the taste of it though – I don’t think anyone really does! I can’t wait to take her back in a couple of months when it will be warmer and she will be able to run around with Noah and play chase, it will be so cute to watch and at places like beaches you can let them have a little more freedom.  After they had had some fun and tired themselves out, it was time to rest on Great Grandmas blanket and have a little snack, some juice and then it was back to roaming the shoreline on the return to the car. Daddy did take Noah into the arcades though and they had a little game on the 2p machines, Noah won all this money back: put them all back in and lost them! Oh well…


After a nice walk on the beach, we went to Prezzo in Norwich for a yummy meal and the little ones really did enjoy it, it was quite possibly the best family meal out we have had together (as normally one is crying, grumpy or just not playing ball), so we were really pleased. We visited Postman Pat (Royal Mail headquarters) and the Train Station and counted up to 5 buses on the way back to the car, so Noah was really rather chuffed!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  • Brinabird and Son
    February 18, 2013

    What a lovely day! I need to get my wee man to the beach now!

  • Coombemill - Fiona
    February 18, 2013

    I do love a little winter sun at the beach! We are visiting family this week and have been on Brighton beach. The Children were playing ‘dare’ with the waves and the waves won! I think it won’t be long before a trip to the Seaside with Noah and Isla will mean a spare set of clothes and shoes too no matter how cold it is! I love all your photos and sand writing, the children look all wrapped up and warm. Long may this winter sun continue!

  • Coombemill - Fiona
    February 19, 2013

    Loving this sunshine and loving your beach photos. Winter and the seaside are just magical. We have been on the beach too, though there were 6 sets of wet feet coming home, kids never learn that the waves will make them wet! I think from next year you will be packing spare shoes and clothes for Noah, whatever the weather – boys just can’t resist being boys! thank you for the lovely sand writing and for linking up.

  • Coombemill - Fiona
    February 19, 2013

    Winter at the beach takes some beating, your photos are wonderful and make me want to go right now! Thanks for linking and writing me in sand!

  • Emma T
    February 21, 2013

    So wish we lived near a beach. So lovely spending time on them even in winter

Silent Sunday – 17th February 2013

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