Today we took the kids out of the Country and into the city, we went to the Science Museum and learnt all about what makes our country so perfect for Country Kids! Vehicles, technology, inventors and science experiments all help to mould the country that we see around us.


We had lots of fun seeing all the bright lights, technology and activities – mainly it was great to be free in the big open building and run around listening to our echoing voices bounce off the walls! It is great to think that Noah learnt a few important things today about the world around him from an educational point of view – as opposed to being out there amongst nature and the countryside experiencing it. Isla seemed to be soaking it all up too, she especially liked this article about the environment:


There is so much to do in the Science Museum and I am really looking forward to taking the kids when they are older so that they can really learn a lot and be WOW’ed by everything they see.




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Last Update: Sunday, 19th January 2014