I am sincerely glad I purchased the propagator, or “mini greenhouse” as I like to call it, it has done the Sunflowers the world of good and they are growing really nicely. We have 2 batches of them growing in there now, some 2 weeks old and some a few days old and it is great to see them flourishing.


Noah loves his sunflowers very much, whenever someone comes round to the house Noah is straight into the garden – lid off the propagator and saying “look at my sunflowers growing”. He waters them everyday with his little yellow watering can, he really cares about his little flowers. It is really cute. I am so glad that we got the sunflower seeds and started growing them, I cannot wait to see their faces when the pretty flowers appear.


I cannot believe how much the seedlings have grown in 2 weeks and now we have the next generation of seedlings growing, they were planted at the weekend, it is amazing. Compared to other seeds I have planted, sunflowers seem to win the germination race and sprout right up to surface really quickly. It is good for the children too as they see a big difference every day in how different the seedlings are and how their sunflowers are developing.




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Last Update: Wednesday, 21st May 2014