Have you ever seen the children’s fashion at Tesco? It is perfect for the little ones, you can grab some really cool and funky clothes for the boys and cute and pretty clothes for the girlies!

In the Constant household, we have 2 under 2 and therefore they grow out of their clothes pretty quickly and sometimes all you want is some clothes that will see them through a few months and sometimes you need clothes really quickly ( especially when they have a growth spurt). The children’s fashion at Tesco is really good because not only are the clothes great quality, so they last wash after wash, they look really good too. And the best bit is you can quickly grab some lovely outfits whilst you’re doing the Tesco shop, as we all know, kids + shopping can be a bit manic at the best of times… so its great when I can grab Noah a new top or Isla a whole new wardrobe (because she is growing so quickly) and get on with the shopping too.

Over the past couple of years buying clothes for Noah in Tesco has become essential, I don’t get time to go out and do shopping sprees like I used to and the best I get out of him in Tesco is about an hour then he gets bored. Its been great having a large Tesco store a mile from our home, that sells plenty of clothes for him and now I am buying for Isla too.

They separate the clothes into sections too so you can easily get to the clothes you need, for example baby girls up to 1 year are all together and baby boys too, then toddlers are in another section. There is also another easy alternative to buy the clothes you need and that is to use the Tesco website: http://www.clothingattesco.com/kids/icat/catgkids/

These are things you don’t really appreciate until you have children, especially 2 children! I love the clothing range and all the clothes I have ever brought from Tesco are long lasting and good quality, they don’t loose shape or colour and they look great, as you can see!



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Last Update: Monday, 13th August 2012