Any parent knows the feeling of wanting to protect your child from bad things in the world, but also how hard it is to keep your loved ones safe at all times. The simple fact of life is that most accidents also happen at home; so childproofing your home is an essential step for ensuring you limit the chances of your child getting hurt.

Although the months when your baby starts to crawl and stand up are often the ripest for accidents to happen, smaller children can also end up in disastrous situation as we have learnt with Isla, she is the clumsiest little girl I know.


Here are some of the best tips for keeping your small children safe:

Think like the child

If you scout your home from the adult perspective, you naturally won’t be able to pick up all the things that might interest your child. It’s a great idea to sit down on the floor and simply look around the rooms. You’ll see the room from the child’s perspective and you’ll be better picking out the things that your child might be interested in.

You should also test your child’s ability at times! Not by asking them to do naughty things and climb up the wardrobe, but simply keep an eye on whether this might be possible.

Shop for safety products

Many so-called safety products out there are a waste of your money, but many of the gadgets can actually improve safety.

Locks and safety gates are definitely the best value for money. Look up safety locks from and use them on doors and storage boxes. Make sure all the poisonous or harmful products, such as medicine and cleaning products, are behind locked doors. Even if you feel like your child can’t reach them or doesn’t know where these products are, a lock in the door will bring extra peace of mind.

Hide away things

Children like to use their imagination and their playtime always involves all sorts of on-the-go toy ideas. To guarantee your child doesn’t end up getting in trouble with loose chords and strings, it is a good idea to use chord covers and tie strings away from reach.

You’ll want to hide all the things that your child might see as play material, but which are not suitable for play. A great way to limit your child’s interest in unsuitable ‘toys’ is to have enough safe play material around. Make sure your child has enough things to play with and use his/her imagination without having to start looking for things to play with.

Be prepared

Even professional childproofing can never guarantee your child doesn’t get hurt. Little children will get knocks and scars, but these won’t be the end of the world.

The key is to be prepared. Look for a deal at VoucherBin for first aid kits. Have a proper kit at home and in the car to guarantee that if your child gets a little bump, you can deal with it.

Do you have some amazing tips to share with readers? Let us know in the comments below!


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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019