We were kindly given some fabulous wipes by Jackson Reece to try out with Noah and the Constant household: Jackson Reece Natural wipes, Jackson Reece Herbal wipes, Jackson Reece natural Flushable wipes and the innovative product Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles.

Baby wipes are the one thing that you are never without and having good products that are easy to use, easy to carry and are value for money are essentials for me.

The Natural  wipes and Herbal wipes are great for using on our little ones bottoms, they come in the usual size packet so guaranteed to fit in your current changing bags, handbags and shopping basket of the buggy. They are mild and gentle wipes that have been designed with a unique balm to soothe and protect the delicate baby skin and they are made by natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender essential oil and Purified water. Purified water means that it is filtered to a high standard removing any nasty bacteria’s. which is great protection for our little ones. One other important aspect is that they are alcohol free, which is very important, especially when using wipes on babies with extra delicate skin as alcohol dries the top layers of skin causing inflammation.

Colin and Janet created these wipes with the little ones in mind, as their own son developed Eczema at an early age of 8 months old; they searched the shelves for an alcohol free, herbal wipe and came up trumps and so the Jackson Reece wipe was born! They also focused on using the Purified water solution because of all the harsh chemicals found in water. These really are a high standard of wipe and I can safely say that they are the best wipes I have come across for Noah.

Thankfully, I have never had any skin issues with Noah’s bottom and I am confident that if I continue to use Jackson Reece wipes that he will be protected from inflammation for the future.

The Flushable wipes are a superb product for when you are out and about, they are a smaller packet and tuck right into my changing bag pocket, making it really easy to take out places. Places such as shopping centres, Zoos and Soft Play places that have the baby changing facility, but just the one, so often you can’t get into them, they come in very handy! I can change Noah’s bum and be confident in flushing the wipes down the toilet; also useful when out for a meal etc and you need to wipe their hands or top that has just got covered in food.

Finally we were given a packet of the fantastic Nose Nuzzles from Jackson Reece, they came in so handy throughout all the bad weather when Noah had a horrible runny nose. They really do tidy up tiny noses and fast; we all know wiping a toddlers nose is not one of their most fun things to do! They are 100% bio-degradable and contain natural saline to help relieve those little snotty noses and the Aloe Vera and camomile extract help to soothe the wiped area. Perfect for when you have a super sore nose and a horrible cold. These also come in a smaller packet and fit snuggly in the other pocket of my changing bag, so easy to take out and about and can easily slip into a coat pocket when you are off out for a daytrip without your bag (if that ever really occurs).

You can buy Jackson Reece wipes from John Lewis and Sainsbury’s and a little birdie tells me that they are currently on offer at Sainsbury’s… www.sainsburys.co.uk

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