Yes, I have a small obsession with stationery and so I thought it was only right to brighten up the kiddies homeschooling by getting them some new bits and pieces. When you have vibrant and fun new things around you, it helps to motivate you. I find that anyway. Here are my favourite Paperchase items to add some fun for after the Easter holidays, it’s a back to school haul if you will.

Paperchase have a complete home school supplies category on their website, which is useful to grab some quick items; everything from stickers to motivate the kids to packs of sticky notes (which have come in really useful). This sticky note block set has come in really handy; every night I post challenges on the sticky notes and put them on the wall – the kiddies can then pick the ones they want to do and by the end of the day the post it notes should be all gone!

The Buddies range

The Buddies range is very cute, I bought a lot of goodies to help with homeschooling and they did cheer the kiddies up. The fun buddies slip wallets are perfect for keeping unfinished work together. At the end of “lessons” we would put our work in here that we needed to finish. Or when I marked work it went in the slip wallets for the kiddies to see their marks.

homeschooling stationery

Little notebooks and fun pens are a cute way of letting the children get creative. Isla writes her notes in the A6 notebook, things she wants to remember or her pretend register that she does on some days. The squishy pen is a fabulous idea as when the kids need to fiddle with something or destress they can squidge the pen. Genius idea. Noah is a complete finger fidget and it has come in very handy. Gel pens are a fun way of writing too, getting a little creative with words is always motivating.

Buddies range at Paperchase

Larger notebooks have been really useful over the past few weeks, we have used these for work set by the teachers. I print the worksheets out, but some of them (like the Pobble worksheets) are about writing stories, writing thoughts and answering questions. We have got the kiddies to write their answers in their exercise books and these can be handed in to the teachers when they do go back to school. It’s better than having pieces of paper flying about all over the place!

Storage and water bottles are very important throughout the day. At the weekends I tidy away the school stuff (to try and get a bit of normality at home and also to hide away the school items). This pouch is really useful as I can fit lots in it – sticky notes and pens. The kids have been drinking lots over the past few weeks which is great, they have a water bottle on them at all times. This fun water bottle is tin (so doesn’t crack when its dropped).

water bottle

Disclaimer – I bought some of these items myself and some are gifted. All opinions and photography are my own. I put this post together to inspire a little fun with homeschooling stationery.

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  • Bexa
    Monday, April 13, 2020

    This is such a cute bundle of stationery! Paperchase do the most adorable things! Everything you have chosen is so bright, fun and colourful. I love the pouch and water bottle too, they are so sweet! Thank you for sharing your lovely goodies! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • MummyConstant
      Monday, April 13, 2020

      Iโ€™m obsessed with paperchase haha. Thanks Bexa. Xx

  • Jad Zakka
    Friday, February 19, 2021

    Might we suggest checking out the Scribble Kids notebooks? They will be a great addition to this list. These notebooks are customized to include fun and exciting themes, such as Pirates, Dinosaurs or Superheros stamped on the cover. These notebooks have been growing in popularity in the Middle East.

  • Angelina Jackson
    Thursday, March 25, 2021

    All these stationery items are very cute and this article is useful for people like me.