This time last year I was all belly, then I met Isla Rae and my legs turned to jelly. I wasn’t expecting a little pink parcel, she is dinky and cute but also a rascal!


They play together really quite well, Isla has Noah under her spell. She captures your heart, with her gorgeous blue eyes and her cute little smile that’ll just mesmerise.


A year has gone so fast, she is growing up. It won’t be long before she is talking and drinking out of a cup. She copies her brother and watches intently, she is a clever dinky baby. You must treat her gently.


So now we have 1 and another at 2, I am looking forward to watching to see what they do. Playing and singing and having such fun, the life of my dinky girl, now that she’s one…


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Last Update: Friday, 10th May 2013