Well today Noah seemed to have cracked this potty training malarkey, he was doing really well. We had 3 poops on the potty and he was actually looking quite proud of himself!

We definitely have the concept now, he knows he needs to wee on the potty and he identifies when he needs a wee, he runs straight to his potty and says “potty mummy” – its really very cute. If weeing can be cute that is! He will tell you that he does a wee wee on the potty and that he gets a sticker – we just have one problem: when he is wearing trousers he will just wet himself. He still attempts to run to the potty and still tells us that he wants a wee wee but he will not pull his trousers down. When he has pants on (without trousers) he will pull them down the majority of the time, but that is still hit and miss.

Noah got 3 gold stickers today for his poops and the usual stickers for a wee wee, he liked his star stickers.


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Last Update: Thursday, 9th May 2013