Description: You are a designer, but have a hard time navigating so many different resources? Then it is your luck to stumble upon this article. We are just about to talk about all the design tools and resources worth bookmarking. Today, graphic design has infiltrated all areas of human life. Well, isn’t it so? Judge for yourself: logo’s or slogans, advertisements; all use graphic design. We come across the designers’ projects every day, all day long. And that is exactly what makes it so valuable.

In such a way, lots of us (whether designers or entrepreneurs) may sometimes need to apply for help with specified resources. And at this point a lot of questions start to rise. How? Where to? Which one? No wonder, there are so many of them these days. Plus, not only are they numerous, they differ in various ways.

Some of them are free, some require payment. Some are cheap, and some are pricey.

There are sites where you will find multiple tools collected altogether. This might happen to be quite convenient, especially in case you are not a fan of jumping from site to site. Such websites provide you with the opportunity to get ready to use graphic bundles, bundles of fonts, illustrations, etc.

The other option is to address sites where only one type of tools is presented. There are those that offer fonts solely. There are those that supply you with stock imagery, and so on.

To save you time and effort we have collected the best design resources in this article. Check it out!


Masterbundles is a place where you may find every type of bundle possible. Watercolor, icons, illustrations, patterns and textures, templates, and so many more.

Masterbundles claims affordability of self-realization as its mission. And that is the reason why its services won’t cost you a fortune. Here you can purchase, for example, a wonderful bundle of 30 fonts only for $15. Moreover, the site regularly offers great discounts on its products and to such an extent that you can always get some of them absolutely at no cost. 


At Colorcinch you can edit photos. It allows transforming, enhancing, and resizing of images. Plus, here you can add filters, overlays, and special effects to your pictures.

Design Bundles

Another site that allows access to various instruments in one place. Mockups, templates, icons, textures, backgrounds – and it is not a full selection of Design Bundles being described. Offers both free and premium content.


Videvo has more than 70 thousand videos gathered together. They all are in great quality (in 4K and HD). They also have a large selection of music and sound effects.

Google Fonts

The other excellent resource is a library of licensed font families, named Google Fonts. This interactive application is a highly convenient web directory for usage of fonts. It is hosted by Google, it is free, it is licensed, it provides quite a deal of fonts.

Google Fonts are used on the Internet and work in a browser solely. They are not intended for a local installation.


They say Pexels is the most popular design resource that provides stock images. Here you can not only use royalty-free content, but donate to a favorite photographer. And Pexels keeps none of the donations.


On Hatchful you will find lots of marvelous logo templates. They are useful and suitable for a range of industries. It provides the opportunity to customize colors, edit layouts, add icons, or change fonts, in one word here one will get everything needed for unique brand identity.


Simple and groovy figures are considered to be an inevitable trend in visual design. Although trendy, it sounds like it will take a deal of time and pull. Created by Pablo Stanley, Humaaans is a place where you can create them with no extra effort.

With the help of this site, you can create those abstract shapes of people out of vectors. Rotate, mix, match and place items in your models in any way possible. You can change any part of the “body” or clothing. You can search for items in a wide library or use already made templates.

It is free of cost both for personal and commercial use.


At Khroma you will find a series of wonderful palettes. You pick a color and Khroma creates combinations that will look the most appropriate way.

The Mockup Club

From time to time every designer needs a neat mockup for Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, or InVision Studio. The Mockup Club is a place to find all that.


The next famous tool is Canva. It is an online editor with the aid of which you can design logos, banners, presentations, graphs and digraphs, flyers, or a social media image.

The standard version is absolutely free, and the premium one is at a reasonable price. I love Canva, it is brilliant for design resources.


If with the combination of colors or images, it is comparatively understandable how to figure it out, then how to combine fonts? It sounds like a refined kind of work. But not with Fontjoy, it is a life saver when it comes to right font pairing. Fontjoy matches the fonts until it finds a perfect set.


Need to get some inspiration? Welcome to Awwwards.

Since being a competition platform for web and graphic designers, Awwwards is a pure collection of best out-to-date visual designs. All projects are sorted by content, usability, and creativity. Therefore, it won’t be exhausting to detect works of your industry to gain some new ideas.

Being a graphic or a web designer means to have a number of useful tools and resources within easy reach.

Due to the incredible number of resources, each of which has its own characteristics, it can be challenging to choose the one that will suit you. Thus, it is crucial to define a set that meets exclusively the needs of your business. Be that as it may, even with articles like this one, you still have to conduct a piece of your own research. It might be reasonable to start with resources that suggest free trials and invest in premium versions if they are valuable. Check out these family friendly interior tips too if you are interested in looking at designs further, design resources can be for the house too.

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  • lynn neal
    Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    What a huge array to choose from, I think your idea of testing them out with free trials is excellent advice!