BEAR Nibbles sent us a fabulous Trick or Treat Halloween activity box for both Noah and Isla to enjoy. They both had a different activity that contained  different flavours of BEAR Claws. They even had limited edition trick-or-treat  glow in the dark stickers inside the Claws boxes. Perfectly spooky for this time of year!

Bear Claws

BEAR Claws are a fantastic treat for children made of 1/3 vegetables and 2/3 fruit. Nothing else! Just 100% pure fruit and veg with no added nonsense. This is what I love most about BEAR snacks, the children have no idea just how healthy they are. It’s great that I can let them eat boxes of them and know they are getting 1 of their 5 a day from just one pack.The Claws packs come in four different fruit and veg recipes: strawberry & butternut, blackcurrant & beetroot, mango & carrot and apple, pear & pumpkin.

The other fun element to BEAR Claws is that they have lots of different monster parts inside of them, so you can make up a monster using feet and tails for example. The children place their monsters out on the table before eating them all up.

Noah’s Trick or Treat Halloween activity

Noah had two boxes of Claws and a kit to make a scary Halloween mask. They included two different neon, glow in the dark, paints, child safe scissors and a template for the monster mask. Noah really enjoyed putting on the neon paint, he cut out the mask really well too. I loved seeing him concentrate so hard on getting it as accurate as he could.

Isla’s Trick or Treat Halloween activity

Isla received two boxes of Claws too and she got a cute little pumpkin, as well as glue and glitter to decorate her own sparkly pumpkin. It’s the most perfect activity for Isla as she loves getting messy with glue and everything has to sparkle. She made a lot of mess and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We had lots of fun creating our Halloween goodies and the children got  to try every single flavour of BEAR Claws too. They both preferred the red box, which is Strawberry and Butternut. You can grab a box of BEAR Claws in your Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado for £2.49. Try them out with your children and let me know what recipe they prefer. Don’t forget to try them out yourself too…






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