This weekend we have had lots of fun, mainly in our pants, but never the less it’s been fun! We’ve had fun in the sun, fun with friends at the park and fun at our friends houses.

I think Noah’s favourite part of the weekend was playing with his Rook friends yesterday afternoon. He loved it, bouncing on the bouncy castle, playing in the very cool Wendy house and eating dinner at the big boy/girl table.


He is getting to be a bit more socialable now, so instead of wanting to play on his own and wanting to play on his own with toys, he gets much more involved with other children – he does still have Noah playtime though!

Isla is finding her feet too, she has so much confidence and is walking at every opportunity now. She walks to her toys, walks to you, just walks from one end of the room to the other – just because! She is balancing better, she can stop and stand still and go again: we just need to practice getting up to a standing position from the ground. She is still finding it hard to stand up from a sitting position and will happily do it if she has something to hold on to.

A Clarks visit is on the agenda this week, just in time for her first birthday! I have a tot that uses his potty and very soon to be no more nappies and an almost tot whose walking around the place. Where have my babies gone?FL2A3306

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