It is no secret that booking our family holiday to Spain last month was very stressful. Would our flight get cancelled? Will we get to the airport on time? Will the prices suddenly jump up? The market seemed so unstable that I was a little more anxious that normal. We have used APH before and so I decided we had to use them again, it takes the stress out of “getting to the airport on time” and worry about the car left behind. The kids also thought it was very exciting!

APH Parking and Hotels

The idea of parking and hotels with APH is simple. You get to drive to the airport at a more convenient time for your family, park your car and sleepover in a hotel (near the airport) and then you simply jump on a shuttle that runs you to the airport. At Manchester the shuttles were going to the airport and picking up from the airport every 15 minutes. It is an incredible service. The staff were so friendly, from the office right through to the airport everyone was so happy and helpful. Asking about our holiday, helping with cases and buggy’s and just a very smiley bunch! We will definitely be returning to APH Manchester.

You can book parking and hotels directly on the APH website, and when you compare doing the 2 things separately you will see why it is a better deal to book with APH. It would have been an extra ยฃ70 if I had booked ours separately. I did check at the time as I like to do my research and weigh up the options!

You might be wondering why we flew from Manchester, we managed to get a better deal on our holiday if we flew from this airport. It took ยฃ1,000 off the price of our all-inclusive stay as flying from this airport gave us a kid’s free spot. Same dates as other airports / holidays without the deal. So, always have a look around.

Cancelled flights

APH did some research into the cancelled flights, using the CAA data back in June 2022. The helpful chart showed me that Manchester airport had only cancelled 0.9% of their flights at that time and so it felt safe to continue with our booking. We chose Manchester airport because they have the APH parking & hotel deal as well!

Nick Caunter, Managing Director of Airport Parking and Hotels ( said, “Following the setbacks the travel industry has faced over the last few years, it’s reassuring to see the number of UK airports experiencing a low number of cancellations during June and the encouraging statistics for early departures. Delays will inevitably sometimes happen; however, we hope by sharing an analysis of the CAA’s June punctuality report we can also demonstrate how reliable air transportation is, despite what some of the news headlines published in June might have you believe.

Have you ever used APH parking and hotels? I would love to know what you thought of the service in the comments below, or have you ever thought about it and never done it? It really does take the stress out of travelling to the airport and safety that your car will be secure whilst you are away. Check out my Summer Holiday outfit tips too!

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  • Margaret Gallagher
    Monday, December 5, 2022

    Never tried before – something I’d consider in the future